The Murder of Giancarlo Madrigal was the second killing of the Lomax Murderer.


Giancarlo Madrigal went to the Miles residence only to find out from Mrs. Miles that Oscar Miles is currently at Kieran MacNeil’s birthday party. After returning to his apartment, The Lomax Murderer quietly was waiting for him, loudened the music on Giancarlo's radio to distract his parents, and attacked him with a vase. Giancarlo was then stabbed and bludgeoned to death with a hand saw before decapitating his deceased corpse.


Moments after Giancarlo's brutal murder, The Lomax Murderer managed to leave the apartment with Giancarlo's severed head before the Madrigals discovered their son's headless corpse, and then snuck the head into one of the presents at Kieran MacNeil's Birthday Party, causing a major panic after the gift was noticed, as well as a major fight between Oscar Miles, Kieran MacNeil, and Francis Kent.